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My journal is friends locked now. If you want to be my friend (which i would love), please ADD MEand then comment on my friends-only entry (if you just add me and don't comment, I won't add you, so please comment). I will add just about anyone. The only person i won't add if your homophobe,a racist.
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My name is Kate. I am in my late 20's i live in Kansas with just my mom. Who i am really close to. I have suffer from depression since i was 15. I have blond hair and green eyes.I use to suffer from anorexia. I am still recovering from it. I still sometimes starve myself. I had to go threw it alone. I didn't really have anyone to help me get threw it. I listed to a lot of music to help me cope.I love to say i am better but i know i am not. I may never really be over it.I really love to write. I writer short stories and poetry. I also love to read. I have an obsession with books. I just love books.One of my dreams is to have something i have written published. I also love to take photos. I take alot of pictures of my dog courtney and of the animals i see out side my houses like deer rabbits,snakes,frogs. I also love to shop.

Another thing you should know about me is that i am bisexual. If you can't handle that get out of my journal now. I prefer girls. I just feel more comfortable with girls. I just do. Having said that i do like boys. I have dated boys. I am mostly attracted to girls, but i would never rule out the possibility of falling in love with a boy. I have had boy friends and girl friends.

I suffer from chronic knee pain. See when i was born my knee caps were not on center and they dislocate which is very very pain fully. I had surgey a year ago but it really didn't help all that much. They are better than they were my knee caps don't dislocate any more, but some days my knees hurt so much i can hardly walk. I try not to dwell on it.

I love my dog courtney. She is my baby. She is a 5 year old black lab.She and i are always together. She sleeps in my room on the floor by my bed. She is a wonderful special dog.I loves animals and would love to have another pet.

In March of 2005 year my dad when into the hospital. He had been sick for a while he drank alot and smoked. The doctor told my mom and me that their wasn't anything we could do for my dad he was just to sick. He had bacteria on his heart and it broke off and when to his brain and caused a stroke. I went to see my dad in the hospital but it didn't look like him. He was hooked up to all these machines.It freaked me out. I couldn't stand to see my dad like that. So i left the room. It was just to much for me.He died in march of this year. I miss him alot.

It use to be hard for me to talk about my dad but it is getting easier. I think that i will always grieve for my dad and i will never get over it. I am starting to execpt it and move on with my life. I am very close to my dad's mom my grand ma. She is a wonderful lady. I worry about her because she is getting older and has some health promblems. I don't want to lose her


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